Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nothing New

Well there isnt really anything new going on around here, its actually kinda nice to be honest. Other then sicks kids, its been quiet. Brody has been sick with something for pretty much a month it just goes from one thing to another, sooo frusterating!! He started out with a double ear infection, then went to a cold/possible RSV, and now he had some bug for the last 2 weeks thats given him some really bad diarriah, and on top of that he finally started cutting his back molars and even possibly his other two front teeth!!!! Poor baby!! He really isnt as crabby as you think he would be though, kinda clings more to me or Jordan but other then that its not that bad. All the other kids i watch have gotten sick too, so it just seem like they pass it from one to another. Hopefully things will work out and i wont have to watch kids after the end of June for awhile!!

Brody has been progessing well with his vocabulary, he says tons of words and sentence's, its crazy how smart he is. Lately he has been obsessed with telling me when he poops ha ha. He will go squat in a corner somewhere and come tell me when he's done, he even somtimes pulls down his pants!! Im glad he hasnt quite figured out how to take his diaper off yet or we would be in big trouble!! I guess its getting close to maybe start potty training, that ought to be an adventure on its own ha ha!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Baby Crick #2

Thats right, Baby Crick #2 is cookin in the oven as i type this (and is quite frankly makin me neasous most the time!!) I found out just about a week before Christmas and was planning on it being a christmas present for Jordan, but of course i kept telling Jordan that i had the best Christmas present ever for him and we got in to the conversation of what would be the best christmas present and he pretty much guessed it right off the bat, which i lied and said "no we are not having another baby" and then felt bad ten seconds later for lying and told him!!So we are expecting in late August =) im excited!! Of course most of you know that i would absolutly love to have a girl and have pink and ruffles and lil pony tails but you know what, boys are not all that bad, haha, and i think another boy would be loads of fun for both me Jordan and Brody, so i dont honestly have a gender prefence , as long as it come out healthy and happy!!